Friday, 29 January 2016

Special needs Equipment?! Heni's Projector

I have a bit of a bug bear when it comes to "special needs" equipment... anything which seems to have those two words attached to them seem to somehow also have extra pound/dollar signs attached too!  Don't get me going on the pros and cons or reasons as to why or why not this should be the case... I would be here for ever.... and it wouldn't be very pretty! 
Lets just say I like to try to side step around the price tags and be a bit more savvy when it comes to choosing equipment for Heni.

Friday, 22 January 2016

Heni and her ear twiddling!...(better known as Auriculotherapy)

I know some people have a thing about feet and can't stand to look at them (same goes with hairy nostrils or snotty noses.... well if you have a "thing" about ears, I suggest you look away now!
Today's post is on Auriculotherapy.....

A number of years ago when I was studying Naturopathic diagnostics in London, each study day I would pass a fab little book store which had hundreds of medical and health books to browse through. On one of the days I was mooching around and one particular obscure book jumped out at me and caught my interest.... it was called "Yog Sadhna and yoga healing secrets"... it contained Yoga asanas, breath work techniques and a section in the back on different methods of acupressure.  I bought the book, read it and from that time on I was sold on the benefits of ear twiddling. 

Friday, 15 January 2016

Energy Overflow

Wednesday was one of those days when, (after I had woken up and taken my HRV measurements), I knew that I had to skip the workout that I had originally planned....It was a day in which rather than expending energy I needed to lighten the load and replenish it....
So, instead of the "military style fitness" that mid week usually brings, I went on a lovely walk with a friend (my Flat Stanley friend),  and as the sun shone (at least for a little bit...) we walked and talked, had a paddle in our wellies and  caught up on some girly chat, putting the world to right. By the time I returned home again, I felt like the lack of sleep from the previous night and the lack of oomph in the morning, had been somewhat replenished and I had some ENERGY back!

Saturday, 9 January 2016

New Year - Great Expectations

I've been resisting coming on to blogger to write because I have been meaning to talk about the usual standard New years resolution stuff that everyone is talking about at this time of year. However the more time I have spent thinking about resolutions/setting new year goals the more I am convinced that we should scrap  the "new year trend" of new starts and work on daily baby steps...
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