Friday, 26 February 2016

Everyone has challenges...a blogging buddy interview.

In four and a bit weeks time I will have been blogging for a year...(Yes it's going to be my blogging birthday on the 28th March!)  and throughout this year I've been linking my posts up to a number of different linkup parties to try extend Henibean's readership and reach.  In February I took up the Solidarity Sister's blog challenge (given out by Susannah over at Simple moments stick... and was paired up with a blogging buddy called Elizabeth, who lives in sunny Florida ....she writes a blog called:- 

Elizabeth had bacterial meningitis when just 16 months old, the outcome  of which was damage to both of her cochlea and subsequent severe hearing loss in both ears. Over the last four weeks we have been getting to know one another, learning from each other and have been sharing hints and tips on how to improve .....and in today's post I have interviewed my new friend, the lovely Elizabeth, to find out how she is learning to live amid challenges as a deaf mom to a hearing child and finding out how she maintains health, sanity, creativity and copes with balancing her busy life.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Heni's Story - Part 4

I love the photo of Heni above in which she looks like she is playing the harp! It was taken when we celebrated her 8th birthday...almost 13 years ago. We had a garden party, food, friends in fun hats, a balloon release and even a harpist, who played us beautiful music to chill out to... and we were even favoured with fantastic weather. It was one of those times where you "mark the occasion"....making something memorable happen... a memory to look back on with fondness.
Because of Heni's diagnosis of Edwards Syndrome we have never really known how long she would be around; we have experienced multiple roller coaster rides where she (and we) hit the bottom and thought that it was the end of the ride....and we never ever expected that she would still be there with us back then at the party. 
.....Even now all these years later, I never expected to be sitting here writing about her while she is fast asleep (having her routine afternoon nap after college)....AND In just five more months will hopefully be celebrating her 21st birthday!

Friday, 12 February 2016

Heni's Quilt

This is one of the pictured that is going on my "Love List Board"......You may remember an older post here on Henibean entitled The Quilt Treatment...(about a quilt that had lots of special quotes and scriptures embroidered on it..made for me by my lovely niece)? I had always admired the quilt and loved seeing pictures of the other quilts my niece made afterwards... and (over time) I had a growing desire to make one myself.

A few years ago I decided to make one for Heni as a Christmas present. I had saved up a heap of the girls T- shirts (that I had enjoyed seeing them wear and subsequently grow out of).... and decided that I wanted to use them to make up the  squares on the front of the project.

Friday, 5 February 2016

The Love List.

It's the beginning of February and everyone is talking about LOVE... and with Valentines day peeking just over the horizon I though that I would dedicate today's blog post on just that....... but with a bit of a twist.
 At the beginning of last year I downloaded a picture from Pinterest with the intention of creating a board for my Sanity space (craft room). It was entitled "100 things that I love" (below).

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