Saturday, 20 May 2017

Moments of Joy

It's been a while!
I have to admit that I haven't felt much like writing recently, as grief does interesting things to your priorities and to your brain! On the times I've wanted to write something, I haven't had the brain power to sit and concentrate... or other things come higher up on the list of current necessities and blogging gets put on the back burner. Then, there are days that you just have to go in to survival mode when you can only do the basics and the desire to blog is a far distant thought.
It's been a rough few months with many ups and downs...  and although the "ups" haven't been as up as I would like them to be..... I have tried to be diligent and consistent in plodding ever forwards, learning how to create a new, different life without Heni. It's often been a struggle along the way to search out those moments of joy that I mentioned back in a post  I wrote just before  Christmas .
Those moments of joy ARE there... they just take some searching for right now.  It's a purposeful activity. One in which if you engage in, opens your eyes and broadens your view.
Those moments often arrive when
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