Thursday, 30 June 2016

Caring.... and the E.U.

I has been just over a week since the historical result of the Referendum here in England..... and all week long I have been listening to radio shows (airing peoples opposing opinions) news programs, (reporting daily events) and people posting contending views all over Facebook. It seems that every person around the world has a view on this subject and has a judgement as to what is right or wrong, or what should or shouldn't have happened. 
Many people can't make sense of what just played out here and are either confused or angry as to why the majority of a country would vote to leave from a union of countries which was initially designed to bring economic and political stability to a large part of the western world. 
The media of course has also done its part in twisting,  hyping and stirring every conceivable arguement... warping opinion and making what is already a highly sensitive matter even more divisive and inflammatory.
 A small percentage of the people who voted "remain" are petitioning and rallying forces for a second referendum and even smaller number of the "leavers" have reared their ugly heads and have exhibited appalling racist behaviour in and around Britain.  Many people in Europe are feeling let down by the decision to leave the E.U and are angry at Britain for making such a choice. 
I'm no politician... but when I take in to consideration everything I have heard and seen throughout the months previous to the referendum, and since, I would like to offer an alternative way of perhaps explaining or thinking about it to those of you who are still reeling in the wake and wondering why the majority of the populous decided to vote leave.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Sanity Space - Free Hand Machine Embroidery course with Katie Essam


I've been working on a  number of projects just recently.... literally just yesterday I finished working alongside a friend on Heni's birthday mural... (blog post coming up soon!) I've also had a project going on making some planter boxes for the area near the mural on the deck to name just a few.
It seems like I've been on a creativity adventure... 

Today I hope that you will forgive me for putting up another  "Sanity Space" posts about one of the projects I finished a little while ago. 
About a month ago I had the chance to go on a free hand machine embroidery and applique course run by Katie Essam.  I came across her work at the Knitting and Stitching Show at the beginning of the year and decided to get a few girl friends together for a fun morning of receiving some tuition and learning a new skill/craft.
Unfortunately one of the group broke her wrist a few days before the workshop so it ended up with just me and one other friend participating. However... we had a great time and learned lots and below are some of the steps that Katie showed us during our time with her. 

Friday, 17 June 2016

Out and about with Heni @ The Stockwood Discovery Centre

 To go on an outing with Heni, there are a multitude of factors that all have to intersect at the same time...
...a few of them being ...
...she has to be healthy and feeling well.... the weather has to be reasonable... we have to have a free day... we have to have the energy and motivation to get everyone organised... AND we need to have somewhere accessible to go that will be of interest.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Eating out with food Intolerances - At "Bel & The Dragon"

If I find a good place to eat...I usually like to share it on the "Eating out with food intolerance" section here on Henibean. Two weeks ago during half term we found a fab venue during our day out at The Sculpture Park (see last weeks post ...The Sculpture Park)...and today I'd like to tell you a little about it. 
Bel and The Dragon is a cosy classic country Inn, nestled between the historic town of Farnham & the Devil’s Punch Bowl...not only did we think the Bel and Dragon had an apt name... after seeing the magnificent Dragon  at the Sculpture park .... but it was in the ideal location too.... a mere stones throw away, and short wander over the road from the park entrance. This meant that we were able to walk around half the park, have lunch, and then after refueling, walk (or should I say roll) back again to do the rest of it....

I don't know if you have any sensitivities to food (possibly if you are reading this)... but if you do and you are anything like me, you may get rather tired of going somewhere and feeling like there is either only one item, (or no item) on the menu that is suitable to have. If there is something, then it is a rare place that has the ability to make that one thing appetizing and a real treat to eat... and make the whole process a pleasure to dine without making you feeling like you are an "inconvenience".

Making Memories and Traditions - Creativity and The Sculpture Park!

At the beginning of this week on Bank Holiday Monday (a National Day off here in England) we decided to spend some respite time away from Heni and head further down south to a place called The Sculpture Park. The idea was to not only spend some quality time together as a family, making memories and creating traditions..... but also to get some ideas to incorporate in to my next project that I'm working on for Heni's birthday in July.

The Sculpture Park is the world’s largest all year sculpture exhibition which covers 10 acres, and houses hundreds of sculptures that are being exhibited there before being sold...and as a result... the park is constantly changing.
There are over two miles of trails that meander around...
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