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Eating out with food intolerances - Webbe's at the fish cafe in RYE

On our family trip to East Sussex (south coast of England) this summer we spent one of our days looking around the gorgeous little town of Rye  which was located only a few miles away from our holiday accommodation. As we looked around we were lucky to find a place that catered for our food intolerance needs and so we celebrated Hubby's birthday meal at "Webbe's at the fish cafe". Seeing as THIS IS an "Eating out with food intolerances" post, I will tell  you more about our experience there ....but first let me give you a taste of.....pretty little Rye town.

From the road that goes around the place you would never anticipate what lies within. The quaint hamlet is full of many timbered ancient houses with terracotta roofs and cobbled streets and alley ways to explore....
Fortunately the paving at the side of the cobbles meant we could push Heni around and she could enjoy the scenery along with us.

 Rye is such a pretty place with pictures to take around every corner. It is jam packed full of
 cute alleys with tea shops... 

 ...and it has a range of over 20 quirky Antique shops on its Antiques trail

Daughter number two loved the one with all the Harry Potter paraphernalia in

 ... and I enjoyed looking around for garden decoration ideas to put on the new deck near the hot tub.... I quite liked the mirror for Heni so she can sit and look at herself on nice outdoor days....

 We walked up Picturesque cobbled Mermaid Street which enjoys a wealth of history and  one of England’s oldest inns.

 together with a number of fun unique houses....

  ...such as the "House Opposite"

 The house attics are said to host secret passages, once the haunt of smuggling gangs and highwaymen.
At the top of the hill we stumble upon perhaps the tiniest book store ever.... D No 2 was very sad that it was closed : (

 ...We then looked around St Mary's  where we decided to climb the church tower to see the "best views over Rye" 

 First we had to make our way  up the very narrow staircases and through the extremely tight passageways!

 ...right to the very top of the tower to the roof

 ...where we could see Heni being fed by Gem on the bench below. ... (no way H was getting up here!)

... and the mandatory selfie of course with the distant view of the sea.

Rye was a total surprise from what we expected it to be like and we enjoyed wondering around investigating all the interesting nooks and crannies. However, It was time to take Heni back for her afternoon nap and so we headed back to the car. 
Usually while we  are exploring places we always read the menus at the various restaurants dotted around... ever on the look out for a place that is geared up for people with food intolerance's. At the very end of our adventures in Rye we hadn't found ANYWHERE that would give us a reasonable choice of food ....until we stumbled upon  Webbe's fish cafe  on the outskirts of the town as we walked back to the car park. 

The staff were very helpful and answered all of our questions by pointing out the dishes that we could eat and those that could be quite easily adapted to our needs. The Person who helped us was very understanding of our requirements as she had food intolerances herself.  It was also very comforting to find out that the Cheff was her husband and was used to cooking for her needs!  We booked a table immediately and looked forward to returning the following night.

Here are some of the dishes we had.....

fish board...

Daughter Number 2 had the mushroom risotto (because she doesn't like fish!!)

I had the whole grilled Dover sole with brown shrimps (minus the beurre blanc) with samphire...

...and the boys had  surf and turf ....which consisted of half a lobster each and char grilled sirloin (without the garlic butter)

and for deserts ....
We had the vanilla marshmallow  with strawberry and mint sauce and strawberry sorbet

...and the tropical fruit sorbets (kiwi, passion fruit and mango) with pineapple carpaccio

It was The hungry boys first ever lobster and he said he really enjoyed it, although he said that it would have been nice to have a substitute garlic butter sauce (perhaps made with gee or olive oil?) the boys who ate the tropical fruit sorbet reported that the passion fruit sorbet was the best they had ever tasted.  
All in all a good meal and VERY helpful staff and great attentive service. 

If you would like to find out more about the menu at Webbe's and their cookery school you can click  below.
Webbe's menu
Webbe's cookery school

I personally would like to see Webbe's cookery school do a class for "cooking with multiple food intolerances" in the future... (I'd be keen to go and report back on my experience!)

If you ever find yourself in pretty little Rye at some point, do go on the antiques trail to find some treasure to take home, have a go at climbing St Mary's tower (if you can stand heights and confined spaces) and be sure to get lost in all the lovely little lanes and shops! 
Oh and  last but not least, be sure you have lots of room on your phone to take plenty of pictures!


Kino digital cinema (on lion street) was also a great rainy day "to do"  

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  1. I hope I do find myself in the very lovely village of Rye someday!


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