Friday, 12 August 2016

Heni's sensory bags

This week I have been away with The Hungry Boy on a day, night, day trip while hubby is out of the country and daughter number two is on a youth camp (I'll tell you all about our adventures in a future Making Memories and traditions post) AND, I'm also trying to get ready to go away on an upcoming respite trip to Norway without Heni. So you could say I've been a bit busy and preoccupied..... which has left me with no time to do much else... including writing a post!
  So today is going to be a real quick  and easy one.....I am going to be showing you a few of the themed sensory/play bags that I made for Heni to be used in conjunction with her 21st "birthday mural". I thought the bird and flower theme from the mural could be carried on with some prop/toys. 

I decided to sew up a few shopping bags in bright colours like the one below...

 I also bought a few fun looking bags that would be visually interesting .....and  then filled them with some themed toys and paraphernalia that she could use whilst out on the deck in her new play area.That way the ready made bags can be grabbed off the shelf and taken on the back of her wheelchair. 

Here are a few of the contents of one bag with some of her birds and animals ....


....and here are some bright and colourful flowers that I bought ... these are to be hung on the mural ... so that she can pull them off again...

 .... and here she is playing with them some of them....

 She is a little bit averse to touching things like grass and so I wondered how she would do on the flowers. To begin with she didn't like most of them..... but for some reason she was happy to reach out and touched the wisteria...and as time has gone by she also now touches some of the others too. she also likes the Bummble bee that sings (Be my little baby) to her and has a soft plastic fan that whirls around

She also love her birds.... especially Rio the parrot, who skawks, and the flamingo that sings and dances his neck around!

....and the little bird sitting on her chair that chirps away when you squeeze him.  

I  am also gradually putting together some other bags to grab and go .... such as her girls world head with brush, curlers, headbands, bibs, water bottle (to spray) with etc...

I have a few more ideas for some more bags but if you have any sensory ideas that have worked for you, I would really love to hear all about them so please do leave me a note and let me know.

Hope you all have a great week ahead



  1. What fun ideas! Heni is so blessed to have a mom who is intentional about pursuing her daughter's happiness. Blessings and grace, Tasha (visiting from Fresh Market Friday) :)

  2. I remember this with my nephew. The delight in his eyes...never gets old!


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