Monday, 24 July 2017

Healing HEARTS

 Since my last post on Heart Photography and Visualization, where I told you about my "heart challenge",  I have continued to photograph even more hearts and post them on my Instagram account (For those of you who don't YET follow my Instagram you can see some of them when you scroll below) 
I mentioned that It all started out as a way of "intentionally looking"  but ended up with each heart being a message to me of:-

                                                       "If you look you will find"
                                                   "If you work you will achieve"
                                        "If you try your hardest you will be blessed" 
" We are all surrounded with hearts from a tender higher being who showers love on us each and every day... sometimes without us ever seeing or realizing it"

  The treasure hunt each day for the perfect heart photo allows me to look for those tender mercies and tokens of love all around.... with each heart acquisition & creative pursuit (for the most unusual shot), it somehow adds to consoling and healing my own broken heart after the death of our sweet Heni. Slowly, slowly each heart reminds me that love is eternal and binds the pieces of my own shattered heart back together again. 
This week has been a time of mixed emotions. 

In some aspects it has been particularly hard as we celebrated what would have been Heni's 22nd birthday without her. We spent a day at the beach....which was one of her favorite things to do. We took her tent (the one she loved to sleep in at the beach every holiday), one of her quilts to lay on, a BBQ and LOTS of food....

 ...and we chilled out and swam in the sea. 
I missed her so much.... but the sun shone and I knew that she would want us to be happy and enjoy our day.... her day.
It is a day that will always be special to me as it was the day she came in to our lives...  a day in which we were blessed for 21 years with her presence. 
She taught us, tested us, loved us and made us laugh... and her strength and beauty graced our home. 
We celebrated with a birthday meal later that night...ate even more food and came home sun kissed, tired, sad but also happy and ready to flop.  

 We also had a happier celebration  this week as Hubby's new book went live on Amazon! We were excited for the box full of books to arrive on our doorstep and to inspect the fruits of two years (plus) of hard work... all done while helping me to care for Heni in her last few years of life... a huge blessing (when we look back in retrospect) as he was able to help care for and be with Heni... spending precious time.... and also spending time writing from home.   She would be so happy and proud of her daddy to see this day. 

 Soon we will be heading off on a summer adventure, it's going to be a welcome change of pace and scenery and I'm looking forward to seeing what other "heart moments" I can find on the journey. I will, of course, be sharing them all with you and posting them up on Instagram and Facebook.

Life is moving on slowly but surely. It doesn't stop, even though if feels at time like my heart does. Each milestone and hurdle to jump is a step closer to her... and as time passes we have to make sure that life doesn't pass us by and enjoy each moment we have.  This week I encourage you to make the most of every opportunity, hug those you love, say what you feel, plan something special and do something for someone else who is having a worse time than yourself.
I hope you have a wonderful summer and I'll see you all next month.


In addition to the ones above you can scroll below to see some more of the most recent heart photos below:-

Taken at the "Free from" show at Olympia

Dog roses

Ascot House gardens - National Trust Property

A friends entryway!

Tiled entry way to a house in London

Old lecture theater at Enfield Hospital

Diary cover

Evening shot of wrought iron gates in Ashridge Estate

Heart tiles!

Ornate heart shaped table leg!

Heart shaped wrought iron gates

Wrought iron Gazebo roof

Sideways hearts on balcony

Heart tiles at Frinton on sea... on Heni's birthday!

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