Friday, 20 July 2018

A New love?

It's been a while since I had the desire to write on here..... but something just keeps pulling me back. Maybe my reluctance thus far stems from the fact that Heni (who my blog centered around) is no longer here. It's a year and 9 months since she passed away... and yesterday, the (19th of July) we celebrated what would have been her 23rd birthday at the beach.

Henibean was originally written around my life with Heni ...a Trisomy 18 warrior... the whole blog was pretty much a record of how I tried to keep some semblance of health, sanity, creativity and balance in my life and family throughout her last few years of life.

Since her passing, my world has changed dramatically and hence I feel the need to change direction somewhat and develop the blog too. Whilst maintaining the history of Heni within it, I would like to now write more about one of my other love/passions... health and healing.

Health and illness was something I learned a great deal about while Heni was still here with us. Not only did I learn from her specific health challenges, but my own health issues taught me much and gave me the experience of what a lack of health can bring..... and of course consequently the ongoing recovery journey back to health again. 
During my "free" time, my escape was often with a health related book...reading and studying a variety of subjects...or if I could escape for longer, I enjoyed going on a course or two or more! 
This last year has taken me on other learning experiences too...firstly dealing with and navigating through my grief, and secondly spending time concentrating on building back reserves of health, fitness, wellness and resilience.  

I've also spent time "up skilling" and searching for what I now want to do with my life (that age old question we all ask ourselves!) I'm not completely there yet with the answer to that one but my journey thus far within my profession as a physiotherapist has taken me back into practice. Whilst physiotherapy  at first sight appears to be a "physical" therapy, my interest firmly remains and continues to be within the realms of treating the whole person...incorporating nutrition, and mind, body and spirit in to the equation. My other qualifications ... (Naturopathic Iridologist/health/Life coaching/ mindfulness practitioner) tend to help with this balance.

In the future, therefore, I am hoping to bring some more of this in to my practice and in to Henibean.  I'd like to share some of the insights that I have already gained...and continue on with my search for knowledge and some of what I hope to learn in the future. The blog will therefore be a way of condensing my own thoughts and continuing professional development and be a way of sharing some of this with you.  I guess that gives me a massive scope for subject matter.... and you could see anything from an injury to nutrition, to chronic pain, mindfulness, here in the future.... basically anything that is related to health/wellness and the understanding of it.  
I also reserve the right to just share something of my life and things that I enjoy doing and creating (especially some of the photos I love to take) as well! (you can follow my daily heart photos on instagram)

I do Hope this will be of interest and of use to you and that you will have a desire to continue coming back to visit Henibean in the future.

Thanks for all your support and for sticking with me thus far and I would like  to extend a welcome to any of you who have stumbled upon these pages for the very first time.  Please take a look around at the previous posts (Heni is quite the miracle!) and I hope that you will join me again soon.

Have a great week 


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