Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Thank you!

We have just got back from a weekend away and become aware of the huge amount of birthday wishes that have been made on line after the post "Incompatible with life - Happy Birthday ... 20 today!" We are astounded and moved at the wonderful comments and thoughts from so many people around the world.... people like us who have had the blessing of being parents to their Trisomy angels no matter how brief...or others who have had the fortune of knowing these special ones. We have loved receiving  all the lovely feedback and birthday wishes to Heni and to us as a family. 
We have also had some comments posted here on the blog ...but Blogger doesn't seem to be allowing me to reply in the reply boxes... so I thought I would reply to all of you here...

 As a family we would like to thank you all for taking the time to write such wonderful sentiments and share some of your stories with us. We wish we could respond to each and every one of you and ask you more about YOUR story and YOUR loved one. Some of these chosen spirits are still with us here in this mortal life others have moved on... temporarily separated from us for a brief season. I just want you to know that you are each amazing and courageous individuals ...who are a lot stronger than you know... or feel.

For the past 20 years we have pretty much stuck our heads down and got on with the ups and downs  and vicissitudes of life as our own little family unit with the exception of a small few who provide respite or with interaction with one or two families who live close by us who have traveled a similar journey.  We are overwhelmed and  grateful to now know that there is actually a HUGE worldwide community of individuals and families who are on the Trisomy trail along with us. All of our experiences are similar yet totally unique and we are all at different stages of the journey ...but the one thing we all have in common is the feeling of love that comes with the terrain and the  privilege of having  been touched by these amazing children.... 

When I started the blog a number of months back I felt like I had three objectives:-
..... to be able to express how I feel.... using writing as a type of "voice" ......
..... to have it as a kind of journal/family history and narration of what we get up to....
..... and to be able to use some of my experience (both professional and experiential) to help others who are maybe just starting out on the path of Trisomy..... (although I guess I would also like to reach ANYONE  experiencing challenges who could potentially benefit).

I am grateful that some of you have found strength, in some small way, by seeing and hearing about Heni and I wish each and every one of you "health, sanity, creativity and balance" in all that you do and strive for.  I hope that in the future I'll  to be able to interact with you on the blog (if Blogger ever lets me reply!) or better still I would love you to come join me on Facebook (Henibean) if you feel like you would like to chat or contribute your own experience.    

Thank you once again.


if you haven't already read some of Heni's story you can find it here:-
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Heni's story part 3 click here

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  1. I'm so glad to hear your celebration was shared by so many. Thanks for adding this follow up to DifferentDream.com's Tuesday special needs link up.


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