Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Walking with Wheelchairs - Call for walks from around the world!

 Today is a bit more of an unusual post as I wanted to explain a little bit about my previous "Walking with Wheelchairs" blogs. As some of you will know (who have read the previous posts) I really  enjoy walking and we also like to go on walks frequently as a family. When you are accompanied by someone in a  wheelchair though,  you can be stuck for choice as to where you can go. Sometimes you can look up accessible walks on line ( (at places like http://www.walkswithwheelchairs.com/) but it's always nice to find new terrains and vistas to explore.  
We have some set routes that we like to do but occasionally we like to just go and figure it out as we go along..... sometimes it works..... sometimes you get stuck in a field and can't get out again!! 
(mostly you can with a bit of muscle power!)

Anyhow,  when I started Henibean, I thought that I would post some routes and walks that we have done up on the blog for anyone else interested in doing the same walk. I  realize though that there are a lot of readers in different countries who may never be going on these walks.... but hey... you never know... one day you may visit England and decide to do one! 
I figured that If I went on holiday to a certain location...lets say Canada...(because I know that there are quite a few of you who read this over there ; ) .......where would be a good walk to take Heni and the machine? Where would you recommend?
Hence today's request..... to have anyone who wishes to contribute a blog post.... on a lovely wheelchair friendly walk.... (together with some gorgeous pictures to entice us all to go there). If I never get to come to Canada there maybe someone who already lives there who could benefit from having this resource... especially if it got big enough?
Maybe this could eventually become like a Wainwrights (famous Lakeland writer/ walker) compilation for Walking with Wheelchairs?
Anyhow, the challenge has been set... if you feel like adding a post email me or message me on Facebook (Henibean) 
Found on Pinterest
At the very least, we can dream of new places to put on the bucket list and it may get you, the chairs and the children out doors exploring this summer, taking pictures and  having a great time!


For ideas you can visit

Join me soon for "Walking with Wheelchairs - Stanborough Lakes"

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