Sunday, 29 November 2015


I haven't got a scheduled post due out here on Henibean and so I thought that I would sit back and just write....  and  perhaps tell you a little about what's been happening this week at home. 

It's been a week of mixed emotions. 
One of the events of the week was having to say goodbye to my eldest son and daughter in law as they left home on their next adventure... a move to America! My son is half American anyhow (American dad) and so It will be a great time for them to explore his "other" country and heritage and get to know a lot of our family over there a little better. 
It was a sad time saying goodbye to them and we are sure going to miss having them live so close to us (in the apartment at the bottom of the garden!)  I know that there is Face-time and Skype these days (we talked to them 24 hours after they left!) but the saddest part for me was to see Heni hug them goodbye,  and cling on to them with her legendary "headlock" as she loved them and then let them go. 

Heni and "Big Bro T"  have grown up together. With two years apart in age...they have been partners in crime and wrestle buddies and he as her older sibling has gone through all the ups and down of life with Heni together with us. Her condition has always meant that we have never known how long she will grace our lives... and  the fact that she is still here with us today is a miracle in itself. However, at times like these as my son and his wife move on in their life, I can't help but think of how much longer we will have Heni with us and if this goodbye hug will actually be their last. I sure hope it won't be and It probably won't be....but it doesn't stop the head and the heart from going there...
I guess I have been really moved and saddened these last few weeks as I have perused Facebook and seen how many of Heni's special Trisomy buddies have been called home recently....
like I said so many mixed emotions!

This time of year is also usually busy for me with preparation for daughter number two's birthday AND Christmas. I dislike shopping malls at the best of times (I'd prefer a forest, field or a lovely lake to walk around given the chance...) 
 and so rather than battling the crowds this year I decided to do most of my shopping on line.  Each day this week has been like a mini Christmas day, and has held a little excitement for me as the post man has delivered package after package to our home ready to be wrapped and stashed away.

I also like to try and decorate the house before "D no 2's"  birthday so that it feels festive and special  and a lot of time has gone in to clearing space and moving stuff around the house and starting to put up one of my special favourite pieces ... The Nativity!
The porcelain pieces of our nativity set were bought for us as a wedding gift almost 25 years ago. At the time, I remember thinking that it was an unusual gift to give someone for a wedding in January, but it has out lived every other gift and has become the most endearing one. Our nativity comes out every year and is still usually out when we celebrate our anniversary. Over the years we have added pieces to it and each part has a memory attached to it...

The Barn from a local favourite garden centre we visit every year, 

The Well and jug from mine and D No 2's first ever Christmas market in Munich, 

 The Woolly Sheep...

...Axe and wood basket from Vienna 

...and the Cart and rake from Saltzburg.  

As I decorate our home with the nativity it not only makes me think of the Saviour's humble birth at this special time of year but it also reminds me of some great memories of trips with "D No 2 "that I will forever cherish...what a great gift!

As we move in to this next week I'm excited to put up our Advent tree (part 1, part 2, part 3  & part 4) and start to decorate it with all the ornaments.  I am also looking forward to taking Daughter number two away on another Christmas market trip... this time a little closer to home in England. As I mentioned before, I dislike the act of Christmas shopping but I do love wondering around exploring new sights and taking in the atmosphere of wherever we visit. With the shopping  pretty much done and out the way, the pressure is off to find the right gift and we can then enjoy the sights, sounds and experiences at hand. 
I  am also mindful of my son and daughter in law's adjustment to their new homeland and pray that they will enjoy the process and the adventure that is ahead of them.
I also hope that your week is a good one and that you are able to side step the stress that often comes along with this time of year...take a little time to prepare... but also take a little time to enjoy the process and adventure too and do something you enjoy and that puts you in touch with the season.... 
I'll be back soon and no doubt doing a "making memories and traditions" post telling you all about our trip and the Christmas market in Lincoln.

Until then

Have a great week    

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