Friday, 3 June 2016

Eating out with food Intolerances - At "Bel & The Dragon"

If I find a good place to eat...I usually like to share it on the "Eating out with food intolerance" section here on Henibean. Two weeks ago during half term we found a fab venue during our day out at The Sculpture Park (see last weeks post ...The Sculpture Park)...and today I'd like to tell you a little about it. 
Bel and The Dragon is a cosy classic country Inn, nestled between the historic town of Farnham & the Devil’s Punch Bowl...not only did we think the Bel and Dragon had an apt name... after seeing the magnificent Dragon  at the Sculpture park .... but it was in the ideal location too.... a mere stones throw away, and short wander over the road from the park entrance. This meant that we were able to walk around half the park, have lunch, and then after refueling, walk (or should I say roll) back again to do the rest of it....

I don't know if you have any sensitivities to food (possibly if you are reading this)... but if you do and you are anything like me, you may get rather tired of going somewhere and feeling like there is either only one item, (or no item) on the menu that is suitable to have. If there is something, then it is a rare place that has the ability to make that one thing appetizing and a real treat to eat... and make the whole process a pleasure to dine without making you feeling like you are an "inconvenience".

It was lovely to walk into the Bel and The Dragon, read the menu and know that there would be a number of choices that I could eat without even having to inform the staff of my food intolerance's. However it was only made better when the waiting staff said that the cheff's could cook anything for me.  It had been a long time since I had been somewhere and been spoiled for choice... and it was a novel but pleasant dilemma figuring out what I actually wanted to eat!

.... For those of you who live in the south of England I would recommend you add this one to your "list of places to go and eat out"... and it would be well worth  the drive...
....For those of you who live  further afield you can take inspiration from the menu (if you can read it... sorry it didn't come out very clear!)....  maybe incorporate some ideas into your future food creations....look at the pictures.... and probably get hungry!

Pictures are always better that words so here are some of the orders....
First the non gluten foodies choices of starters... 
The Hungry boy had the blueberry pancakes and crispy bacon

Hubby had the Spring Pea and mint soup

Daughter number two had Poached duck egg and avacado with hollondaise sauce 

 ....and then I had salad of duck, spring onion and radishes in a toasted sesame seed and pomegranate dressing (gluten free dairy free)... very tasty!

 The mains were:-

D2 had Roasted suckling pig with spiced apple chutney, roast potatoes and a side of spring greens, samphire and asparagus.

 The boys had Sunday roasts with Yorkshire pudding  and side order of mixed veg....(a great British classic!)

 I had the roasted Atlantic cod (miso and lime) on a bed of carrot and orange, and shaved cucumber and a side of spring greens, samphire and asparagus (gluten free, dairy free)...I had never thought of a miso and lime combination but again it was a great flavour!

And  some of the deserts....

 ....and raspberry sorbet as the gluten free dairy, free desert

We didn't anticipate having a three course meal when we went in the restaurant and envisaged a quick bite to eat and back to the sculpture trail... but somehow we got enticed by all the lovely dishes and spent a good few hours sitting, chatting, eating  and having some good quality family time. We don't tend to eat out and splurge on food very often and so it makes it even more memorable when we do. It all adds to creating those precious memories and traditions that I hope my children will look back on with fondness one day.  The combination of the park and the meal made a great day out so if you are venturing out or looking for ideas, I would suggest you do both... and if you live on a different continent, perhaps this summer you can see if there is anything similar to The Sculpture Park near where you live and find a nice venue (like the Bel and The Dragon) to eat at near by...... why not go take the family and make some of your own memories on a fun day out?

Whatever you do...I hope you have a great week.

...until next week.


I didn't realize that Bel and The Dragon have some venues closer to where I live too.... and so I am hoping that we will get a chance to go check them out too in the near future.

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  1. wow - looks fabulous! we missed this when we went to England but we could've used it! blessings from CA

  2. It's a treat when I find a restaurant that has great food. I'm sure there are lots more great restaurants out there that I need to try too
    Maybe when you come back one day huh?

  3. I got hungry looking at your post!

    1. Hope you feel inspired to try something from their menu?!

  4. Looks so yummy! I love the ambiance of the place too. What a great find.

    1. It's a lovely country Inn and the decor was just lovely wish I'd taken some more pics of it!

  5. Oh your pictures are so delightfully enticing! What an amazing feast, good for the body and the soul!

    1. Yes I agree. It's always lovely to have someone cook and it's also lovely to escape everyday life.

  6. Our daughter has to watch what she eats, so this can be a problem when eating out. Your photos are delightful and they cause me to be hungry.
    What a lovely outing and taking time to enjoy your meal as well. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

    1. I like to share a good restaurant I find ( not affiliated to them or anyone!) so that others can give it a try too. I appreciate though that for all you readers from further afield its a little tricky!

  7. Sounds like a charming place to dine and enjoy good food. Your meals all look so tempting. I can see why you enjoyed it so much. Thanks for sharing your experience at Party at My Place this week.

    1. I'm Tempted to drive the hour or so and go back for another meal!

  8. Oh, my!!! This food looks divine :) I wouldn't mind missing out on restricted diets if I could eat the raspberry sorbet. (I'm on dairy-free diet, too). Thanks so much for sharing your post at Together on Tuesdays :)

    1. Sorbets are my default pudding if everyone is having ice cream or other things I shouldn't eat. I do however love hubbies coconut ice creams he makes at home!

  9. That is wonderful that you found such a wonderful restaurant as a surprise. Thanks for sharing with The Cozy Reading Spot

    1. yes and that it was so close to the sculpture park to provide a mid day rest stop!


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