Saturday, 28 March 2015


Me ...on a "Flat Stanley" adventure! (for those who don't know Flat Stanley... more on that one in a future blog post)
Hello there... and welcome to Henibean!
This is my first ever post on my own blog!  I've read bits from other peoples blog on my navigation around the web and over the last few months I've had a gradual kindling of a desire to write one of my own."Why a blog?" I hear you say...well, I guess my purpose is in wanting to share some of my thoughts, knowledge, experiences and life adventures with you all.
 I have wondered about what it is that I have to share that is any different from anybody else out there in the ether?  What Will I have to offer? Will it just be the "same old stuff". Guess what? It very well may be....but I hope not!  
However here I am. So let me tell you a little bit about myself.

My name is Jade. I'm a wife and mother of four of which has a "life limiting condition" (more on that one another time). I trained as a Chartered Physiotherapist many moons ago and through the years have done further studies in my "spare time" on massage therapy, life coaching, and Naturopathic Iridology. you could say that I have a thirst for knowledge on anything to do with health, fitness, nutrition, well being and spirituality. 
The motivation for my studies though the years has been to help my family and disabled daughter and also to try to fix my own declining health (due to caring responsibilities over the last 20 years). Now, I am wanting to share with YOU some of the things I've learned and the things I do to stay sane in this challenging stress filled world! 

My posts will probably be wildly varied. They may range between my daughter's condition (Edwards Syndrome/Trisomy 18), to problems I've either experienced myself (or have treated in other people)... to things I do to de-stress, be healthy and be creative (like the craft room I'm constructing in my eldest sons old bedroom....he moved out and got married recently!) It may also contain some book reviews, a recipe or two and anything that may take my fancy! There may even be the occasional rant! In general it may consist of ANYTHING  that I've done or learned to try create balance in my life and that I think may be of benefit to you.  

So who knows what may appear in front of your eyes? Stay tuned and I hope that you will stick with me along the journey. Ultimately, if this blog gives you a bit more confidence and courage in you trials/challenges and ideas to stay strong, be healthy, look to a positive future and feel like you are not alone, it will be worth it.
Hope to see you  again real soon.


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