Monday, 30 March 2015

Vitamin D soaking.

Today's sky from the lounger...
This morning spring arrived! (written 24 March) The sky is blue and the sun is out and the white fluffy clouds are floating in the sky. A nice change form England's usual grey.
So today I moved outside and did my stretches and morning workout on the patio to make the most of it. I only managed 15 minutes but that’s better than nothing  huh?
 Sunshine. I just love sunshine. Don’t we all?
I think It’s instinctual for us to want to soak up the warmth of the rays and basque in pure light.   Rightly so. Sunshine provides us with our daily dose of vitamin D which is so important for our immune function and overall health.

Today Heni also decided to throw a “sickie”. Its strange to me how she instinctively knows  when a school/college holiday is around the corner and ends up being ill and having an extra week or more off at home. Every single holiday it seems to be the same. With Easter approaching I have been holding my breath hoping that I can be proven wrong.  Not so.
Since Christmas (before even!) we have had one bout of sickness in the family after another. Boxing day (day after Christmas) arrived and Heni came down with something that lasted the whole of January… nice long holiday off college? Or maybe not…. for her or for us! That led in to me having three bouts of sinus and chesty cold infections. This last week my other daughter was off school with the same thing and now we are back on to Heni again. Sound familiar?
Spring sunshine.
So this morning  after my exercise I took her outside to soak up her vitamin D shot. We lounged on the sun lounger in the sleeping bag together and she coughed and sneezed and got rid of lots of gunk (yes it's one of my sneaky ways of getting her to clear out too).
When she was tiny she used to be so light sensitive that she would sneeze all the time and end up being sick and so she had to wear sunglasses outside at all times.  She seems to have grown out of the vomiting bit and tolerates sun reasonably well.  She still sneezes but I now use that to my advantage.

About 6  years old
Heni sporting her shades.
The simple things in life are generally the most effective. Sunshine and fresh air, clean water, fresh food, exercise, rest…..all are so underrated in their medicinal effect. These days we have a culture of reaching for pills at the slightest sign of anything.  Don’t get me wrong I do resort to antibiotics for her but not without trying everything else  first and using the knowledge I have at my disposal. A lot of the time it work really effectively but if her vital energy is so low we then bring out the big guns as a last resort. So  today we soaked up the rays to top up the batteries.

I hope that wherever you are you too have sunshine. Soak up that vitamin D and if not  go supplement! 



Heni taking a Selfie

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