Monday, 8 June 2015


  I wanted to post some picture that I took on my walk this morning for you to look at. I love being outside in the fresh air and sunshine, surrounded by nature and I love the contrasts of the blue sky against the green trees and grasses ... the feast to the eyes that are around every corner. It made me think of how important nature is to me and how I think I would fare very poorly if I had to live in the middle of a concrete jungle.  I'm fortunate enough to live close to the countryside and have the ability to be surrounded by the beauty of nature within minutes of stepping out of my front door.... and partake of  all its benefits .As I've been contemplating nature earlier today.... I have felt the urge to tell you a little bit about something called Nature Cure!

A simple farmer called Priessnitz in Grafenburg Germany found he had a natural ability in healing  after studying nature (and observing how animals restored themselves to health when they became ill). His cures consisted of exercise, fresh mountain air, water treatments and simple wholesome food... what you and I would call healing without drugs and what soon became known as Nature Cure. Before he died he had taught a number of students....Hanh, Kuhne, Kneipp, Von peckzely in his practices.
Iridology, herbalism, hydrotherapy were also practiced as adjunct tools and later others like Dr Still and Dr Palmer made additions to these natural methods of treatment to form the manipulative sciences of Osteopathy and Chiropractic. Each teaching how to maintain or regain health in a natural, common sense way.  
 These early pioneers studied individuals and communities who showed excellent levels of health and looked for common factors that may have influenced this.  (reminds me somewhat of the Blue Zones! Thus Nature Cure is based on the study of health rather than disease.

Nature Cure teaches that health is the body's natural state and the body (given the right circumstances) is a self healing and self regenerating entity. If the conditions  and environment are unfavourable then disease can be manifested in either a structural, biochemical or mental/emotional way... bringing about the right conditions allows healing to take place naturally and automatically. So what  did the "nature curists" say are the right conditions?

The basic needs are:-
to have clean water, fresh air (... breathing in the right way), natural foods (in the right proportions for our needs as INDIVIDUALS), exercise (In the right type and quantity as INDIVIDUALS), sunlight, rest and recuperation, living in balance with our natural circadian rhythms (this includes daily and seasonal patterns and  getting enough sleep), having the optimum social setting (friends, family, work  life etc) and making sure we are balanced structurally (muscles, ligaments, bones and organs functioning in our bodies efficiently)

If health is dependent on these things being in balance, disease should therefore only occur when one of these is out of kilter...injury, stress, mental attitude, poor relationships and communication issues, biochemical imbalances due to poor food choices and consumption and the use of stimulants to name a few....
These days we know that many environmental factors can effect our health and influence the way we function physically mentally and biochemically as can our genetic makeup.. If you have a "poor" set of "genes" it is even more important to have all of the above in place to influence gene expression ...or non expression. 

Just recently a friend of mine has been trying extra hard to improve her health and in a conversation the other day I asked how everything was going. Unfortunately she had stopped doing the positive things she had started to do as she said that she had started to feel worse. This is a common phenomena. Too few people understand the nature cure principle of the effort needed for the body to repair itself. In most cases  the body excretes waste to try to restore normality and balance in the system. During these healing phases, old, uncomfortable symptoms may rear their ugly heads and  symptoms such as fatigue, diarrhea, skin eruptions, headache can often appear. These usually occur after a concerted effort has been made, like trying to give the body the conditions as described earlier.  

So my walk in nature this morning had more than one benefit. It not only provided me with the beautiful scenery, but with fresh air, exercise, companionship of a friend and a mood boost and spiritual uplift that I needed.... together with added gratitude for nature AND the inspiration to write this post for you today.
It is important for us all to look at health holistically and from a multi-pronged view point. We need to live  our lives in alignment with these natural laws and with Nature itself to achieve optimum health. If we flout natural laws and destroy nature (with all she has to offer us) we are only paving the way to disease ....of our selves and of the very world in which we live.


Why not look at one of the areas you feel out of balance... and choose one simple thing to change...TODAY! 

Or simply go enjoy the benefits that nature has to offer you...

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