Saturday, 20 June 2015


I love this picture... I came across it on a Pinterest trawl. It got me thinking about when was the last time I truly laughed?
When was the last time YOU had an hysterical giggle fit or the raucous bellow of a big belly laugh... the type that makes your sides hurt and you just can't seem to stop?

The last time I remember that type of a laugh was a few moths ago in the kitchen with Tom (hubby). The kids were at school and we were just talking and catching up when all of a sudden Tom erupted in to giggles at something I said. It seemed like it had been a while since I last saw him laugh quite like that and it set me off laughing too. This made him laugh more, and it escalated from then on.... each laughing at the other ....with a cycle of fits of giggles ensuing... tears rolling down both of our cheeks and us wondering how on earth it all started and escalated to the hysterics we were both experiencing. 

Sometimes we can become so stressed and serious that there just has to be an outlet. I think that must have been the case with our giggles that day. We had just sent Heni back to school after a month long illness and resultant staying at home, being house bound. We'd both been bogged down with worry about her health (and then mine due to the third consecutive sinus infection and chesty cough).... laden down with the details of day to day house chores and caring for Heni and the other children, having had no regular carer since before Christmas.

Laughter and humour can seem somewhat evasive if you are ensnared in the trap of stress... and it can seem elusive and somewhat frivolous in serious situations, however laughter can be just the thing that is needed at times such as these. It can diffuse tension and help regain a sense of proportion on circumstances... releasing those much needed endorphins which help you to feel better and more at ease. 

 Laughter can lower your blood pressure reduce stress hormones and boost your immunity by enhancing T cell activity.... not forgetting to mention the good abdominal workout you get at the same time! If you want to know some more benefits of laughter you can find some more information here :-

Seeing the funny side of situations can sometimes seem hard... especially if you or a love one are ill or going through challenges. Our "giggle fit" day,  although preceded by a good few months of real stress,  evaporated the stress that we had accumulated (albeit temporarily) and gave us the necessary balance we both needed. The laughter we shared that day was good medicine.... and has been since.  It has put a smile on my face and has been indelibly printed on my mind and makes me giggle each time I think about it.

Listening to Heni giggle does too.  Even on the worst of days, she has the ability to make me laugh. Just listening to her giggles has an immediate effect on me and makes me want to giggle too. She has a range of laughs... from the wicked naughty laugh to a screech or squeal of delight. Very often you can hear her in her bedroom at night just lying there laughing away to her "doll friends"... having a hoot of a time. We are so blessed to have her be able to laugh and express her emotions providing feedback as to how she feels. 
It struck me sometime back that the more she laughed the better it was for her immune system (which can do with all the help it can get!) I'm positive that her daily chuckles have helped her be as strong as she is and to fight off the things that she has had to over the years... indeed laughter has been good medicine for her too!  

Not everything in life is perfect, works as expected, or is fun. We are all allowed to be human and we all have weaknesses, imperfections and flaws. Life also has a way of throwing us curve balls too, which we can't always dodge.... but if we can learn to look at these obstacles with a twinkle in our eye and a smile on our face and laugh at ourselves or the situations we are in at the moment it can make life a lot easier and more enjoyable..and not to mention healthier.  It makes me realise I have a long way still left to go!
Heni has certainly been my gold standard and example on this throughout her life. She has taught me that no matter what you feel or what you have to deal with you can always have a smile on your face and  have a good chuckle... even if it's at, or by yourself! 


If you are feeling low... go download a funny film, have a giggle with a friend or even go look on Pinterest at all the funny quotes and pictures.  It may not take your troubles away but It may surprise you how it can turn your mood around and help you get through a tough spot. Let me know how you get on...

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