Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Random stuff - Flat Stanley's Visit

 Flat Stanley at Warner Bros Studio Leavesden
Stanley visiting The Harry Potter Studios

I don't know about you, but every once in a while its nice to do something really childish and have some fun! That's what happened last month when "Flat Stanley" came to stay. 

My niece from America asked me if I would be willing to help her son do a school geography project which entailed sending me Flat Stanley and then taking some pictures of his Adventures while he was here in England.  I agreed and waited for his arrival. 

I'd never heard of Flat Stanley before so I guess when the "envelope" arrive I was quite intrigued to see what was inside. When I opened the letter, there was Stanley folded up nice a neat with a note from my nieces son. This is some of Flat Stanley's diary that I sent back:-
3rd Feb... Flat Stanley arrived today He is fast asleep with Heni after his very tiring journey.   He is coming to pick up  his cousins from school with me later to see what their school uniforms look like. Do you wear school uniform? I will send some pictures of things we get up to over the next few days. When does he have to come home?xx

Can you spot Flat Stanley asleep with Heni after his tiring journey?

4th ...Today Flat Stanley went to the garden centre and had a ride on a lawn mower
He helped me at the post office and insisted he wanted to sit on top of the red post box!
...He wanted to see a red telephone box and phone home but didn't know how to use one....
He liked the phone box...he thought it looked like a Tardis! Why is everything red?

Flat Stanley came on a walk  to The Chess Valley with me and my friend Zoe......

We got lost and didn't know which direction to go ....we were lucky to find a sign post  pointing us in the right direction

Flat Stanley liked the "kissing Gate".. A kissing gate is a gate that allows people but not livestock through. He had never seen one before ...everything looks so different to him. Does it to you?

 On our walk we walked by an old Church of England with a St George's Flag on top.

He was surprised to see a post box in the wall?!
....on the way home he saw a big red bus and wanted to go investigate.

After school pick up he came with me and your cousins to chose bedding at a local shop. He has had so much fun today. After jumping up and down on the bed and getting told off by the staff he had a quick snooze....

He found a car he liked that was just his size!
After a good nights sleep we went down to the canal.


He saw some long canal boats and almost fell in!
We went on a drive to see some of the sights and found a "Roundabout".  He liked going round in circles. Do you have roundabouts in America?

We ended up at Costco...yes we have Costco in England too!

Flat Stanley tried "Marmite" today. He's not sure if he loves it or hates it....

Flat Stanley had a quiet day and is preparing himself to fly home tomorrow. Last port of call was a trip to our "village" before going home to be packed  up...

 I had a fun few days of carting Stanley around and asking various people to pose with him.... sometimes silly stuff like this is a nice diversion from everyday hassles.  I like taking photographs and it made it just that bit more interesting. Go do a Flat Stanley photo shoot today and have some fun finding cool things to photograph.


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