Thursday, 2 April 2015

Sanity Space - Project T shirt cushions

I'm back in the Sanity Space again.....
 I don't know about you but I just love some of the designs on kids clothes (especially T shirts) and just wish that they made them for adults too.  When the kids get too big for them I don't like getting rid of them all. I like to save a few and do some up-cycling and re-purposing. Last year I made a T shirt quilt for Heni (my first ever attempt) out of a heap of old T shirts that both of the girls had worn.
 I've culled the wardrobes again since them and found some more shirts  for another project.
 I'm not going to tell you exactly how I made the cushions as there are lots of instructions out there on Pinterest to follow. ...and actually I didn't follow a pattern, I just made it up as I went. That way I feel like I'm being more creative and not restrained by too many instructions. Just have a go!   
However, that said my First job was to chose a t shirt that I like and that means something to me.  One which I want to preserve and that makes me smile. It's also nice if it brings back happy memories of watching the kids wear them when they were that small!
I cut the T shirts up, separating the front from the back and then added a iron on idea what its called but I was advised by the lady at the quilt shop to use this to stiffen the material to make it easier to sew?!
 I then measured the material and cut it in to a square. Mine measured 10.5 inches or 27 cm.
I like to use my rotary cutter which is so  AWESOME! I fell in love with it when I made Heni's quilt some time back and prefer it to normal scissors as it seems much more accurate. I used the the cutting board and ruler (pictured below) to ensure the edges are straight to sew. The rotary cutter makes it look tidier and it is so quick to do....

OLFA 45 mm Rotary cutter... seriously fun tool!
The start of Another T shirt cushion

I then decide on a complementary or contrasting material to edge the square and cut the material in to varying widths that in the end made up  a 16" cushion (allowing seam allowances).
The super quick, neat edged square.

On one of the cushion fronts I decided to pick out some of the edges with embroidery thread. I'm not usually in to hand sewing as it makes me feel like my blood pressure is raising! However I was pleasantly surprised that embroidery didn't  have the same effect on me... must be the colour therapy with all the lovely vibrant threads. This T shirt is one that both daughters wore and certainly makes me smile whenever I look at it.
Embroidered outlines. The more rustic looking the merrier!

This is how I did the back of the cushion... an envelope construction (to fit the cushion in) fastened with an embroidery thread loop and button.

The back of the cushion

More colour to add splashes of fun to the craft room

For me these projects are more than just creating something physical they are a way that I can de-stress and escape for a while, but more importantly ...I'll be able to have these cushions around to make me smile when the kids have all grown up and gone.  When you live with not knowing how long you are going to have your child/ children...having something to remember them by is just priceless.  All in all it ticks a number of boxes!

Well I hope you feel inspired to save up your kids T shirts and do something with them that is creative. 
This is only one idea of how to preserve them for many years to come. Just have a try, be creative,  and have fun.  


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