Thursday, 2 April 2015

Sanity Space - Ostrich egg transformation

Spring! EASTER on its way
With Easter this weekend...I've been wanting to transform my Ostrich eggs that I had hidden away in the cupboard with all the other Easter decorations that I've collected over the years. As usual Pinterest is my inspiration! I feel like I like to create things however I'm one of those individuals who finds it hard to come up with something new. I tend to look at  ideas  that are already "out there" and have a go at making it "mine". Besides, it seems that it doesn't really matter if someone else has done it before, it only matters that you have fun doing it and enjoy the process, right?  

I've been  amazed at some of the awesome works of art there are and all the amazing individuals who have such skill. Engraved  Eggs with dental drills, painted Eggs with enamels, Faberge eggs, its all there. Sometimes that can put you off having a go.... thinking that "mines not going to be as good".  But what the heck.... I decided to put all that aside and give it a go and do a "sharpie egg". 
I tried normal felt tip pens first but found that my hand smudged the ink as I worked around the egg. The problem with sharpies are that they are permanent and if you make a are toast!

 I did have a go at removing the first few marks I made with nail varnish remover and it kind of worked, however the egg is very bumpy and has little indentations in it and it's hard for it all to come off.  There was a faint marking still there. I hid it well though with the design that I ended up doing. 
Beautiful Egg just as it is!

For the first egg I decided to do an Easter scriptural theme. I looked for something that resonated with me and ended up with something from Mathew 28 in the new testament. "He has Risen". The finished egg is below. It's not too bad for a first attempt. It's somewhat wonky on the writing but if I was going to do it again I'd pencil it on first and attempt to mark a grid on the egg to work within. That way it would make it more level and uniform.  Its a lot harder than it looks to draw freehand on the egg so although not totally happy with it I'm also not disappointed either!

Black and Silver Sharpie freehand design.

The next egg I wanted to add a bit of colour and tried a dotty design with spring/ Easter colours. I used sharpies again! I wanted to keep it as simple as possible as doing it freehand is not my forte. Like anything you create and share with others you can always see all the imperfections and mistakes you made, but it's the trying something new that counts. 

I'll definitely be going back to the farmers shop to buy another egg once the ostriches start laying again...which I'm told is somewhere round about now. Why not have a go yourself. The eggs make a great breakfast feast and the shells are just beautiful.  Beware though....  it took a heavy duty drill bit to make a hole in them..... so you may have to use some DIY skills!

Not so happy with this one...I think I might paint over it and have another go!
 Have a Happy Easter Weekend

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