Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Sanity Space - Project Outdoor Colour

The Bluebells at Ashridge today

 It's been so beautifully sunny again today : )
 I just had to get outside and to do some exercise during respite time....before the weather is supposed to turn on us tomorrow :  (
I went for a lovely walk with a friend ... all the time we were walking we were confronted with  colour.... blossom, fields and flowers everywhere. The sun makes everything look so much stronger and vibrant than on cloudy days.

Here are some of the photos I took this morning...

Lime Green walk way...

The Yellow Rapeseed in front of Ivinghoe Beacon

The colourful planter boxes along the fence down by the canal

Pear tree blossom

....And then I came home... to this.... 

Sad looking daffodils that died while I was away over Easter
I was contemplating writing a post on "THE ART of DOING NOTHING" but my plans changed when I saw the sad little excuse for a front door flower display. Today I had to move my SANITY SPACE outdoors and create some colour for myself...Project outdoor colour!
I quickly nipped to the local low cost garden centre and bought a box of 12 plugs of lovely purple violas for 2.50 (pounds) and set to work...


I didn't have any extra pots for the front door display so wanted to use the ones I already had and so I had to first find a space to put my dead daffodils... somewhere so that they could "die" back until next spring?!? I decided on the empty chimney pot near the shed. All it needed was some compost  and luckily I already had half a bag.

The daffodils "resting" place

Everything ready....

Separating the bulbs ready to be replanted in the chimney pot

The replanted dead daffodils...sounds mad?!
Hopefully in  a few weeks when all the foliage has died back I will be able to put some more violas on top of the bulbs for another little pot of colour. 
Freshly filled terracotta pots...ready for planting

I added three plugs per pot so that they have room to spread.

With some of the plugs that were left I filled up the other sad looking plant pot

Violas surrounded by Geranium and Wild Strawberry
Still have some left for when the daffodils are gone!

Violas and hearts at the front of the house

I love all my heart shaped stones and rocks that I  go in search of on beaches.

As you can see, my porch is very utilitarian... housing all the oxygen cylinders and wellington boots. It looks much better now I have my own splash of colour. Half an hour of "sanity space" is well spent. Not only did it only cost a few pounds but it's going to help lift and brighten every ones spirits and cheer me along over the next few month..... if I remember to water them!

Why not go plant some flowers for yourself and see how it makes you feel?


P.S. I guess the "ART OF DOING NOTHING" post will have to wait until another day.

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